The Dulles Expo Center is the authorized Food and Beverage manager. Exposition sponsoring organization
and/or their exhibitors may distribute food and/or beverage products ONLY upon written authorization.
Application must be submitted 21 days prior to event opening

  • Items dispensed are limited to products
    manufactured by or licensed for distribution by
    exhibiting firms and must be related to the purpose
    of the show.
    1. Beverages limited to maximum 3 oz. container
    and 2oz. product.
    2. Food items limited to “bite size.”
  • All items limited to SAMPLE SIZE. If you do not
    comply with the above sample size, you may be
    asked to discontinue sampling.
  • NO ALCOHOL may be sampled or sold unless
    service is ordered through Dulles Café. Restrictions
  • You must comply with all Fairfax County Health
    Department rules and regulations.
  • Food and/or beverage items used as traffic promoters
    (i.e. coffee, candy, popcorn, soda, water, etc.) must
    be purchased from the Dulles Expo Center.
  • Food and/or beverage items for sale must be
    packaged for off-site consumption. No single
    servings. See page two for onsite consumption
    buyout guidelines.
  • Food and beverage items that are consumed
    onsite are subject to a fee of no less than
    $300.00. This fee is assessed on a case by case
    basis. Exhibitors that seek to sell “onsite
    consumption” items are required to pay this fee
    in order to be in compliance with facility
  • Dulles Expo determines at their discretion what
    items would be considered “onsite consumption”
    and require a Food & Beverage (F&B) Buyout
    Fee to sell your items. Examples but not limited
    to: Popcorn, Pickles, Jerky, Candies, Chocolate,
    Pastries, Cookies, Pretzels, Coffee,

Fire Marshal Regulations:

  • Warming Food/Beverage only. No Cooking.
  • If using an appliance a FIRE EXTINGUISHER
    IS REQUIRED! 5lb ABC or larger with current
    date. Exp.: Stamped 2018 will be good through
    December 2019.
  • Electric appliances only, no gas.
  • Booth may not be left unattended when appliances are in use.
  • No Oil may be used. No Fryers.
  • No Flame or Smoke may be created.

The company named below acknowledges they have sole responsibility for the use, sale, servicing or other
disposition of such items in compliance with all applicable laws. Accordingly, the company agrees to
indemnify and forever hold harmless the Dulles Expo Center from all liability damages, losses, costs or
expenses resulting directly or indirectly from their use, sale, serving or other disposition of such items.

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